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Business Stories

'Business Stories' are powerful promotional presentations for your business. In addition to promoting your products and services it is now important to connect with the general public and reveal your 'business personality' by telling your Business Story.

Business Personality is …

  • the personal vibe of your day to day business.

  • the human side of your business that connects with a client’s heart rather than their head.

  • what your clients experience personally and how they feel about doing business with you.

  • comprised of the people and personalities within your business and influenced by the culture and passions of your business.

Why is Business Personality important?

In this age of social media people now expect more transparent connections with everyone they interact with ... including those they deal with in business. Small businesses are seeing real benefits in sharing personal stories of their day to day activities and the real personalities behind their businesses. This helps clients build trust and establish more personal connections with your business by adding a human dimension to your corporate marketing strategy.

What exactly is a Business Story video?

A short video aiming to showcase the real people and inner personality of your business through personal stories and real footage of staff involved in your business activities. The video will focus strongly on the personal side of the business to arouse feelings and emotions - helping people connect with and remember your business.

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