Those Memorable Occasions

Watch this video and ask yourself:

  • do I feel some of the emotion of this occasion?

  • how would I rate this as a personal keepsake?

Let's be honest ... it's very difficult to find time to actually commit to recording life stories and memories of special people. Special events (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, community events) present us with an amazing opportunity to make this happen and get everyone involved. Don't miss these rare occasions to capture your special family stories and memories in a video story to relive the joy of the occasion and know you have such a priceless keepsake.

Also a perfect opportunity to create a life story feature video of the special person to present at the event. People love this!

Imagine presenting your Nanna's 'Life Story video' at her 90th birthday celebration with all her family and friends

watching her entertaining and meaningful video story for the very first time. A very special moment indeed!

Even better, capturing this special moment and the reactions and emotions of everyone there to produce a Special Event video story of the 90th Birthday Celebration itself.

To make this video story complete it could also include personal comments and stories about Nanna from family and friends at the event. How special this would be to have Nanna's Life Story video told by her plus a 90th Birthday Special Event video including footage and sentiments of Nanna's family and friends.

Please look out for these opportunities to avoid that distressing phrase 'if only we had ... when we had the opportunity'.

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