Collective Stories

filmed and told by family + friends

Congratulations from family + friends

(unable to attend due to COVID)

Wedding Day

(filmed by witnesses on mobile phones)

Collective Stories are videos captured by family and friends on their mobile phones and professionally edited into delightful video stories.

Suitable for Special Birthdays, Anniversaries, Births, Weddings, Funerals (any meaningful events). Importantly, it allows people to participate in special events even when they cannot be there in person and provides priceless keepsake videos to remember these special people and special occasions.

Here's the touching story of how this new initiative started during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Told by the bride & groom …

Leading up to our wedding was an anxious few weeks as we listened intently to the Prime Minister's addresses about COVID-19 and the ever-increasing social restrictions. Two weeks before our wedding it was announced that you could only marry with two witnesses and the celebrant present which meant we needed to do a lot of last-minute cancellations and rearranging. Despite everything, our love and union were the most important thing to us especially in times like this. We decided to go ahead with the ceremony, even though we were devastated that we couldn’t marry with our friends and family present!

Less than a week before our wedding our celebrant called us and said that Rob had an idea to have friends and family record messages of memories, congratulations and well wishes and our witnesses to video the wedding ceremony and he would compile them together. We were sceptical that all this could be done in such a short amount of time yet on the wedding day Rob sent us a link to the highlight video of all the congratulations and it was honestly so lovely to hear the well wishes from our friends and family who couldn’t be there on the day. His drive and dedication to making this special video in such a short time blew us away. At a time when we were feeling stressed and anxious, he did all the work calling friends and family and putting it all together. He even went to the effort of getting the rights to include our wedding song in the feature video.

A week after the wedding we were feeling quite deflated and sad about not having the “proper wedding” and not being able to have a honeymoon. We decided to sit down with a gin and watch the full video and wedding footage that Rob had created. It was beautiful. We are so grateful to be able to look back and see how relaxed and happy we were on the wedding day. To be able to watch the absolutely heart-warming words of love, congratulations and memories from our friends and families that we might not have had the opportunity to speak to properly on the day or be able to remember in years to come. We feel so happy to be married and although we cannot wait until we can celebrate with our friends and family we feel this challenging time made us so much more relaxed and able to enjoy the ceremony and experience. Rob enabled us to be able to remember this day forever and provided us with a platform to share it with family and friends. We would tell other couples to not let the pandemic stop you from marrying. Celebrating love is the most important thing especially in times like this, even without your fancy flowers and acoustic guitarist it can still be a wonderful, memorable day.

Mike and Leah



This collective story video was given as a Mother's Day card to tell her how special she is.

Made up of precious video clips and photos by family members using a variety of cameras/mobile phones.

Tells a beautiful visual story without a word being spoken.