Visual Reporting

Watch this video and ask yourself:

  • is this an effective way to share project outcomes or in this case research findings?

  • does it add value to written reporting?

  • is it appealing to audiences beyond funding bodies?

Let's be honest ... written reports are very important but also very dry and boring to most people.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if:

  • Lots of people really wanted to learn about your project outcomes / research findings and

  • Enjoyed hearing about your work and couldn't wait to share it with others!

You CAN ... with 'Visual Reporting' which is telling the story of your project:

  • 'in person' in delightful cinematic video

  • with excitement and emotion

  • with improved understanding and ability to remember

  • capturing those things that written words simply cannot
  • increasing enjoyment and sharing with others
  • in a way that complements the written reporting and maximises the benefits of all your work