'Your' Trip Down Memory Lane

Storytelling at Home

Life Story Videos can be ...

STORYTELLING AT HOME (standard approach)

Telling some of your favourite stories in the comfort of your own home and explaining what they mean to you.



Literally travelling to special places from your past and bringing them to life as you tell your stories and share your feelings on this trip down memory lane.


BOTH (a great option)

You can include both these options in your Life Story video (as shown in 'Fred's Trip Down Memory Lane')

*ALL these include lot's of interesting footage and/or photos and backing music for extra appeal.

'Written' life stories and family histories are very popular today and great for recording detailed info and genealogy.

'Video' life stories complement written stories by offering something very different. They are fantastic at capturing the spirit of the person as they tell their stories including personal appearances, emotions, tone of voice, body language, activities and interactions with other people. They are also relatively quick and easy to produce and enjoyable to watch ... again and again.

In summary Life Story videos are all about …

People telling any stories they wish to share, especially passions and things most important to them.

It is the very best way to capture not just stories but more importantly the very spirit of the person.

Life Story videos provide entertaining messages for today and precious and memorable treasures for the future.