You Tell Videos

Real Stories,  Real Lives



"Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love
once you've heard their story"
Mary Lou Kownacki
Why I make cinematic videos

To ...

CAPTURE Real Stories, Real Lives

SHARE New Experiences, New Perspectives

GROW More Empathy, More Understanding

Why people watch these videos

To ...

WALK in other people's shoes

SEE life from new perspectives

ENJOY, learn and grow

Why you may want video stories

To ...

CAPTURE special people and their stories

ENJOY them in delightful cinematic video

PROMOTE businesses & community services

KEEP these priceless memories forever

Why? ... because everyone loves stories


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Share your passions by telling some of your favourite real life stories. Better still, choose a specific event or activity that is important to you and create a 'show and tell' video story about it - always very popular!

Family, friends and others will enjoy your stories and learn from them.

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Collective Stories are videos captured by family and friends on their mobile phones and professionally edited into delightful video stories. Allows people to be included in special events when they can't be there in person ... like this wedding during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions!!!

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Connect with new clients by telling real stories of the people, passions and personalities behind your business. This is where good friendly client service begins and business follows.

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Stories of community activities and initiatives. People sharing personal stories about their experiences and benefits to themselves and others in the community.

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Special events are the best opportunities to capture personal and family stories. Don't miss any special birthday, anniversary, family reunion to create a precious video story keepsake.

It's also a perfect opportunity to create a life story video of the special person to show at the event. People love this!

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Complement your written reporting with 'Visual Reporting' with a professional cinematic video - a very powerful way to spread the word about your project outcomes / research findings and make the most of all your hard work.

People will enjoy learning about the outcomes and want to share them with others!


Videos designed to be enjoyable and meaningful

How to get your video story
Every story is unique and can be captured in different ways.
Here is the general process which is flexible to suit your needs.
  • We meet for a free no obligation friendly chat to plan your video story project.

  • I explain what is involved, answer your questions and help you identify exactly what you would like to include in your video story.

  • You tell your story or enjoy your special event as I listen, gently assist and film what happens.

  • I also capture interesting footage of relevant activities and people to make your video even more enjoyable and meaningful.

  • Lots of creative editing to make your video story enjoyable and meaningful.

  • You have the opportunity to provide feedback and request changes to ensure you are happy with the final product.



You get the best possible price because the same multi-skilled videographer works on your video stories from beginning to end including:

• planning
• interviewing
• filming
• editing

• lighting
• production
• audio recording
• liaison with client throughout

*Hourly fee = $45 (labour) + $5 (equipment) = $50 / hr


  • labour = filming, interviewing, editing and production


  • equipment = a wide range of professional equipment including cameras, lenses, audio recorders, microphones, gimbal, memory cards, computer and the latest editing software

  • video projects typically start at around $400 (for 8 hrs of filming & editing)



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