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You Tell Videos

Real Stories,  Real Lives

What's New

What's New

See what can be achieved with Youth Grants

City of Marion


Why Video Stories?

"Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love
once you've heard their story"
Mary Lou Kownacki
WHY I make cinematic videos

To ...

CAPTURE Real Stories, Real Lives

SHARE New Experiences, New Perspectives

GROW More Empathy, More Understanding

WHY people watch these videos

To ...

WALK in other people's shoes

SEE life from new perspectives

ENJOY, learn and grow

WHY you may want video stories

To ...

CAPTURE special people and their stories

ENJOY them in delightful cinematic video

PROMOTE businesses & community services

KEEP these priceless memories forever

WHY? ... because everyone loves stories


That is absolutely awesome!
So so good!
Thanks so much.


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